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What Are the Different Types of Dentures?

People wear dentures to replace their missing or lost teeth. This way, they get to smile with confidence and enjoy a healthier diet. Properly made dentures closely resemble your natural teeth and can fill out your natural appearance. They are often made of metal or plastic (acrylic). There are two major types of dentures—full or complete dentures and partial dentures. 

What You Need to Know Before Getting Dentures

Dental restoration treatment can help restore your smile and self-confidence if you have missing teeth. Dentures offer a solution for missing teeth. They can replace a few or all the natural teeth. 

Types of Gum Disease: Stages, Factors, and Related Conditions

Poor oral hygiene can result in the accumulation of plaque and tartar on teeth and gums. There are different forms of gum disease, and about 75 percent of adults develop the condition at some stage. The harmful bacteria irritate and inflame the gum tissues, causing gum disease. 

5 Warning Signs That You May Need Wisdom Teeth Removal

If a wisdom tooth is impacted, it has failed to erupt and is hidden by the gum. The trapped tooth can cause infection or cause the development of a cyst. Oral cysts can grow into tumors, damaging bone support or other teeth roots. 

How Often Can You Do Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening is one of the most popular elective dental treatments in the world. There’s a lot of pressure on people to have a great smile. We tend to automatically think that people with white smiles are healthier, happier, and more successful, and want to enjoy these characteristics ourselves.

How Often Should You Clean Your Invisalign?

Invisalign trays are a form of orthodontic treatment that help straighten teeth. They are transparent, custom-made braces that pull your teeth together gently. They cover and put them in a proper position gradually. 

What Is Gum Infection Therapy?

Gums provide crucial support for the teeth, making it is essential to keep them in good health. Gum infection can affect the nearby tissues, resulting in damage and the development of bacteria. It is necessary to find out about gum infection therapy.

Benefits of Composite Fillings

If you have cavities, your dentist may recommend getting fillings that can help prevent infection and protect the tooth. Composite fillings are a popular option owing to their appearance, durability, and their more natural appearance compared to other options. It is helpful to understand the benefits of composite fillings.

Does Everyone Need to Get Their Wisdom Teeth Removed?

When your dentist insists that you extract your wisdom teeth, you may not understand why. This is especially true if they do not hurt. Nowadays, dental surgery to extract wisdom teeth is a common practice. But although it has almost become a rite of passage for most young people, it is not always necessary.

Why Choose Hybridge for Your Dental Implants

Dental implants are artificial titanium roots that a dental surgeon inserts into your jawbone. They hold a crown or bridge in place to replace your missing teeth. Implants are better than dentures because they are comfortable and feel more natural. They also improve your chewing function since they do not slip and slide.

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