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Why Dental Implants Are the Top Recommended Solution for Missing Teeth

According to the American Association of Orthodontists, adult teeth are meant to last for the rest of your life. Even so, factors such as an unhealthy lifestyle, accidents, and poor oral hygiene make it challenging to maintain the health of permanent teeth. Tooth loss eventually sets in. The most sought-after tooth-replacement method is dental implant surgery. If you are thinking about getting dental implants, here’s what you should know about why they are the top solution for missing teeth.​​​​​​​

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​​​​​​​Provide a Natural Look and Feel

Although dental bridges and dentures replace your missing teeth, they are unstable. These dental appliances are not part of your jawbone. If they are not set correctly, they tend to shift. This is awkward whenever you eat or speak. There have been cases where dentures have popped out of the mouth. When you have dental implants, you will not have such problems. Your dental surgeon will anchor the titanium implant to your jawbone. It will bind to your bone and gum tissue, securing it permanently as part of your mouth. The stable rods and custom-made crowns help your implants feel and look like the rest of your natural teeth.

Prevents Shifting of Teeth

Successful dental implants can fill the gaps caused by your missing teeth. By doing so, they prevent your other teeth from shifting. When a titanium rod and a crown take the place of your missing tooth, the line of teeth on that side of your mouth remains intact. This prevents more dental issues from happening.

Complete Integration

As the titanium post merges with your jawbone and gums, it serves as your new tooth’s root system. The full integration of your dental implant takes about six months. The process enables your implants to last an exceptionally long time.

Let You Speak and Eat Comfortably

Experts say that those who wear dentures usually complain about a significant change in the way they speak. When your dentures wiggle, you use your tongue to keep them in place. This changes the way you say certain words and the way you chew. The thickness of the dental appliance also hinders proper pronunciation and eating. With dental implants, you don’t have to worry about speaking or chewing. Your implants are secure and permanent enough to function like your natural teeth, allowing you to speak and eat easily.

Prevent Bone Loss

When you lose a tooth, more things happen to your jawbone. The roots that used to be implanted deep into your jawbone disappear with the tooth. Because of this, your body knows that the specific area is not active anymore. This stops any process of repair in the bone tissue, resulting in bone loss. Dental implants stimulate bone growth. Your body will keep sending resources to keep the implant areas strong.

Dental implants are the most beneficial tooth-replacement solutions for missing teeth. At Today’s Family Dental, we always help our patients achieve a smooth dental implant experience. Please visit our clinic in Tampa, Florida, for an in-person consultation. You can also call us at 813-370-1700 if you want to schedule an appointment. That way, we can answer your questions about our dental implant surgery packages.