Dentures Versus Dental Implants: Which Is Right for You?

Woman missing tooth

If you lost a tooth, it is natural to feel distressed. Fortunately, you have certain restoration options, such as dental implants and dentures. However, it can be difficult to determine the best option for you. There are many factors to consider when making a choice, including feel, price, look, and more.

You may be debating the relative pros and cons of dentures versus dental implants. The quality of your smile can have a huge impact on the quality of your life. It can affect your ability to talk and eat with ease, as well as your confidence. Missing teeth can also affect the health of your mouth and impact your overall health.

Therefore, the tooth replacement option you pick matters a lot. First, there is no reason to be ashamed if you are missing a tooth or teeth. Tooth loss is not just for elderly individuals. It is common in younger people as well. Nearly 70 percent of people aged 35 to 44 years have one or more missing teeth.

Are Dentures and Dental Implants Even Necessary?

Before choosing between the two options, you need to ask yourself this question. If you have a missing tooth, you will probably experience moments of low self-esteem. However, this is not the only reason you should decide to get dentures or implants. You need to understand that missing teeth can harm your overall health.

Food and bacteria can easily stick on the exposed gums. When you fail to get rid of the food and bacteria on your gums, they can lead to terrible infections. These infections can subsequently cause gum disease, which many experts link to both diabetes and heart disease. Missing teeth can also affect the structure of your jaw, leading to tooth shift. Over time, the structure of your mouth will become unstable, leading to even more tooth loss.

Which Is the Best Option for You?


Dentures come in a partial or full set. These removable teeth replacements are most popular for people missing sets of teeth. If you only have one missing tooth, dentures are not for you. Modern dentures look remarkably natural thanks to advancements in technology. Besides, they are less expensive than implants. They also give users the ability to remove them for any given reason.

If you have weak or unhealthy jaws, dentures are an ideal option for you. However, you need to be careful when speaking or eating. They can slip out of place if you fail to secure them properly with denture adhesive, which would be extremely embarrassing. You also need to fit them properly to prevent tooth decay or infection.

Dental Implants

These are a very popular alternative to dentures. They are permanent teeth replacements that cost significantly more than dentures. They last longer, so, over time, you will save money because you will not need to visit your dentist too often. They are also easy to maintain, and you never have to worry about them popping out while eating or speaking.

Dental implants look more natural than dentures and feel more comfortable. If you get dental implants, you will feel like you never lost your natural tooth in the first place. Based on these qualities, this is your best option.

In the past, people used to have their missing teeth replaced with dentures. These dentures were a combination of metal fasteners, human, bone, and rare hippo ivory. Fortunately for you, better and less scary options are available today. Modern dentures and dental implants can help restore your confidence and keep your mouth and body healthy.

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