Dental Bridges

Dental Bridges in Tampa, FL

A dental bridge is a fixed replacement for a missing tooth or teeth and is both functional and cosmetic in nature. This is because a dental bridge comprises of an artificial tooth, called a pontic, which is flanked on both sides by a porcelain crown. These crowns, called abutments, sit over the top of healthy natural teeth on either side of the gap, while the artificial tooth sits in it, restoring the arch of teeth.

The process to receive a dental bridge is straightforward but requires several visits to our offices. This includes:

  • A consultation to ensure that a bridge is the most suitable solution for your requirements and that you are a good candidate for the treatment.

  • An appointment to prepare your teeth for the bridge. This means filing down the abutment teeth which will support it so that impressions can be taken to design and create the bridge. You will then be fitted with temporary crowns to wear until your bespoke bridge is created.

  • Lastly, you will return to our offices to have the fit of your custom-designed bridge checked and then secured permanently into place, completing the treatment.

Types of dental bridge

Although a traditional fixed bridge, which we have described above, is the most common variety of this restoration, there are several other types. These include:

A cantilever bridge. This is recommended for patients that only have abutment teeth on one side of the gap in their smile.

A Maryland-bonded bridge. This is normally used to replace front teeth and is fixed using metal or porcelain wings on either side of the bridge.

An implant-supported bridge. This design takes a traditional fixed bridge and attaches it onto implant posts rather than to abutment teeth.

Benefits of dental bridges

Two of the most beneficial things about dental bridges is that they are usually made from 100% high grade porcelain and custom designed specifically for your teeth. This means that not only are they glazed in a color that matches the rest of your smile, but the device looks and feels just like you have regular teeth. However, if a porcelain bridge isn’t for you, you can also have your made from gold, alloys or a combination of these with traditional porcelain.

Other benefits associated with dental bridges include the following:

  • A simple and effective way to restore the function of missing teeth

  • A solution that enables proper distribution of the biting forces across your teeth, and this can prevent uneven wear and damage

  • Less risk of tooth decay and periodontal disease as food can no longer get trapped in the space left

  • Teeth are prevented from shifting into the space left by missing teeth

  • You have a bespoke solution that ensures that you achieve the best possible result

  • A permanent way to restore your smile

  • Greater confidence in your appearance which can make day to day activities much easier and boost your personal and professional relationships

If you are considering a dental bridge to cover a gap in your smile, our expert dental team would be delighted to help. Contact our team at Today's Family Dental, Tampa, FL to arrange your confidential consultation.

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